There is a saying that, without water, the mountain is not beautiful; while without mountain, water is not magnificent. Along the way, I think all of you have seen there are mountains and rivers around Simian Mountain. It can be described that Simian Mountain contains the beauty of both rivers and mountains.
Simian Mountain, just as its name implies, is surrounded by mountains. Why the mountain is called Simian Mountain? There is a fertile land in the extension of Daloushan Range in Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, which is surrounded by mountains. The local says, “Simian Mountain, Simian Mountain, all around is mountains! East is Daguanya Mountain; south is Baguajian Mountain; west is Bijia Mountain; north is Xuanwu Mountain.” Thus, the mountain is called Simian Mountain. While the Simian Mountain we mentioned today, refers to the whole region of over 300 square kilometers of the Simian Mountain scenic zone. The Simian Mountain Scenic Zone covers 300 square kilometers, with the forest coverage over 95%. It belongs to the humid subtropical monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 13.7 Celsius degree, annual rainfall of 1,522 millimeters. The altitude ranges from 900 to 1,709.4 meters. Therefore, Simian Mountain has always been the best choice for summer. ...... >>more


The ticket to Simian Mountain scenic spot: 110 yuan per person
The ticket to tour bus:40 yuan per person
The ticket to boat of longtan lake: 30 yuan per person ...